Multi-level ESPN league - H2H

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Multi-level ESPN league - H2H

Postprzez pitrekk 10 mar 2015, o 11:45


The league has 6 years of history and it is very international (we have managers from US, Europe and Asia). One of our colleagues (marcelomattsoy) is a commish and there are also few other sznurowadlo users (I know Andrew for sure). The league has been created as a contiunuation of Premier Fantasy Championship league hosted by NBA.COM few years back so the format of the league also reflects that (h2h most cats; weekly; 2 keepers; 20 teams - 8 in PO; 8 active spots + 3 bench + 1 IR) but we are currently discussing some changes to make the league more entertaining.

We are also looking for some fresh blood :) Anyone who is interested in playing in the international league with a lot of experienced managers and in quite unique format as well, please post here and we will see how many people we have and decide on next year format. Hopefully we will be able to make it multi-level league with time.

some history of NBA.COM's PFC league by one of our managers John:

I found an old archived web page for the last year of the national PFC.
**these aren't links, you have to copy them and paste them in your address bar**
I also found a final page for the 10 D-leagues
and an explanation of how it worked
IF any of the originals remember you had to petition to get an invite into one of the official "D-leagues" and play your way into the main league. I never did get an invite, but then it only lasted two years and I only tried the 2nd year.
There were a couple of nostalgic things I noticed, the first being the byline of the article is John Loomis. If anyone from the days remembers trading emails or chatting on the message boards with Loomis about all the problems the website would have! He would always answer even if he had nothing good to say.
IF anyone new wants to learn the origins of this league and the rules we tried to emulate, or any of the old-timers want to take a trip back, that third link spells it all out.
I got to thinking about this as we were discussing changes and I was surprised that evidence of that short-lived project even existed. Most of the talk on the first two pages is about qualifying for PFC III that, sadly, never happened. discontinued supporting any fantasy games after the 2nd year of PFC....which is really why we're all here. Just thought some of you might be interested in a trip back.
P.S. It was only a six man starting lineup and eight man roster total. I had forgotten. And your franchise keeper had to be from the NBA team you took your name from. Interesting format.
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