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ESPN 20 Team League

Postprzez JT65 18 paź 2009, o 01:09

Great draft. Looks to be a very active and competitive league. My draft was going great until the 5th round. I really felt I needed a Center and went for Bogut and after that it seemed like I was one pick behind the rest of the way. I had targeted Hibbert, Sefalosha and Anthony Parker as late round sleepers only to watch them dissappear right before I picked which made me scramble for a pick. I agonized between Bosh, Al Jefferson and Roy with my first pick and in hindsight if I had taken Jefferson perhaps I would not have felt the pressure to take Bogut and everything would have stayed on track for me. Still I am happy overall since this was my first 20 team draft and I have plenty of trade material to shore up weaknesses.
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Re: ESPN 20 Team League

Postprzez cieglo 18 paź 2009, o 10:45

20 Tim Duncan, SA C
21 Brook Lopez, NJ C
60 Jason Richardson, Pho SG
61 Anthony Randolph, GS PF
100 Wilson Chandler, NY SF
101 Rodney Stuckey, Det PG
140 Udonis Haslem, Mia PF
141 Brandon Bass, Orl PF
180 Jose Juan Barea, Dal PG
181 Joel Przybilla, Por C
220 Willie Green, Phi SG
221 DeJuan Blair, SA PF

It wasn't as bad as I initially predicted, but still - being the 20th to pick is a completely new situation for me. It was the first time ever I got the last pick and - additionally - the largest league I ever played in. We will see how it goes during the season...Anyway, the atmosphere in the draft itself was a nice one and it was worth staying late that day :)

Here are some thoughts of my picks:

1. Duncan - completely not my man. Actually, it is the first time ever (how many times am I gonna say this phrase :)) I have Timmy on my roster. Anyway, I aimed for Atlanta's Johnson (contract year) but eventually decided to go big. There are some concerns: Duncan is getting older and - for the sake of the play-offs - can have his minutes limited. Even if he performs like crazy. You never know, though.

2. Lopez - the other option right here was Boozer. He should be as great as he was, but - unfortunatelly - does not block any shots. Lopez is young and already good. He becomes the 2nd option in the Nets offense after having an impressive last season. Someone called him "Baby Duncan" and I like it. Maciek (marcelomattsoy) predicted my choice way before the draft started, but it was not a mystery after all :)

3. Richardson - I needed points and was kinda leaning towards 3PM category to supplement my big man stats. Jason had a decent season last year, playing with Shaq. Now there is also running involved in Suns (finally!) so he should improve his numbers.

4. Randolph - I was pretty sure I would not get him if I waited another round. So here he is. Although there is always a question mark for everyone in the Nelson's system in GSW, I decided to pick him. He has an enormous upside and - equipped with minutes - should be a beast. There's risk, all right but if he gets what is expected of him - I will be in heaven. What hurts is a probable lack of points, since GSW has plenty of scoring options.

5. Chandler - versatile man in yet another season of improvement. That's how I see him. I don't believe he has already reached his potential and find him a great 5th pick, especially in such a large league.

6. Stuckey - I don't need AST, but have to lock the spots in the roster. So, here we have Stuckey. Should score a bit more than he did last season and that's what enough for me. Everything more than that would be a pleasant surprise.

7. Haslem - I hate to have him 3rd year in a row, with an initial intention of avoiding him every single season. I had no better choice. Of cource he's solid, he'll rebound and put around 10 pts a match. I don't like him anymore but hope he likes me and performs well :)

8. Bass - if he stick with regular PF spot in S5, he should be a beast. Good person for my strategy. Let's hope Lewis won't play four...

9. Barea - I think it's a sleeper here. He has the potentiall to dethrone the last season's 6th man. He proved he can play a score big. Especially with Kidd being really poor lately (as far as offensive is concerned).

10. Przybilla - another sleeper. Come on, there's 10th round under way and you can still get someone with 7+ REB and 1+ BLK (with a decent FG%)?

11. Green - I needed SG and got him. I hope he can get a bigger role in the team this season. The potential is there.

12. Blair - he looked more than good in the preseason. With Duncan being limited a bit, there's where Blair comes up. I hope he gets decent minutes and does what he is capable of - defensive hustle. If not, I should still get a production from Duncan so this way or another - I should benefit from having them on my roster.
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